Fiesta San Antonio Dress

Bear with me on the background…One of my proudest things – I’m a member of the Susanna Dickinson Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). My mother jokes that she spends more time with dead relatives than live ones, and did all the digging (pardon the expression!) to find 13 ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War.  Before DAR, I was a member of Children of the American Revolution, so doing all things historical appeal to me at a deep level.

There is an annual event every April in San Antonio called Fiesta, put on by a Texas historical society, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) (we are frequently confused with them) and there are a ton of events and activities that cover a span of 10 days.  My DAR group participates in a somber event called Pilgrimage to the Alamo.  Hundreds of participants from every group you can think of from the Junior League to the Scouts, walk in silence through downtown San Antonio and eventually end up at the Alamo where we lay a wreath in honor of the Texas patriots who lost their lives there.  There are thousands of people in attendance with everyone from state senators to military 4-star generals.

Fellow Daughters of the American Revolution waiting for the event to begin.

Fellow Daughters of the American Revolution waiting for the event to begin.

Fiesta San Antonio 2012 - Pilgrimage to the Alamo

Fiesta San Antonio 2012 – Pilgrimage to the Alamo

Last year, my group went in costume and I rented an outfit.  I’m in the rose dress.   My dress was a tad too small and needed a ton of mending before I could even wear it.  And while I felt like a stuffed sausage in this dress, it was still so cool to stand out from the masses in costume and have tourists and locals alike to point, ohh and ahhh, take pics, and run into the “parade” to get a photo with you.   I understand that members of the Fiesta Commission noticed and decided to create a contest for best costumes.  So this year I decided I make my own.  (Finally!  Getting to the sewing part…)

I chose a History pattern from Simplicity and started months in advance to buy fabric and all the notions.  This is an advanced pattern and not for the faint of heart.  But how hard can it be right?  I mean, just follow the instructions.  I’ve never attempted piping before but used a Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool by Susan Cleveland and it was a total breeze.  I was feeling very full of myself and oh-so-proud because the piping on the shoulder where the sleeve attached turned out beautifully.  That is until I looked at the cuff and noticed I sewed the sleeve on inside out.  Ah well…


So I’ll post pics throughout the stitching process to share my progress.  April will be here before I know it!


The dress turned out great.  I really should have captured some images of the sewing along the way but this was my first blog post, so I’ll get better.

I dressed hubs up in period attire as well.  He even grew the ‘stache to make himself look more authentic.  He liked it so much, it’s September and he’s still wearing it.  The parasol was white and I used fabric paint to turn it gray and then hot glued some lace to the edge.  Fripperies of course!  In this image, I look mad, but I’m really squinting to see the name tag of the Air Force photographer who is taking this photo.  I found him later and he sent me these images.130422-F-AE629-770

I love my hair.  I found this old hat at a resale antique shop and added the gray bow to the front.130423-F-ZU607-304I also added two rows of gray ribbon to the bottom of the dress to add some character.  We are placing a wreath at the Alamo to honor the Texan Patriots.130423-F-ZU607-305

The dress was worn again in March for the placement of a Texas Historical Marker.


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