Cool Cats Bag

I needed to come up with a quick birthday gift for mom and I had decided to make her a bag. I found a great tutorial on yesterday from the Green Bag Lady and while mom doesn’t need a lunch bag, the concept is the same regardless of size. She is a profound lover of cats (I think she has 7…maybe 8? Yes, my crazy is definitely inherited!)  Final bag dimensions were 16×15 with 20″ handles.

Fabrics:  In addition to the “Cool Cats” fabric by Debi Hron, I picked up a yard of Clown Stripe in Luna by Michael Miller and a fat quarter of Dimples in Tourquise by Gail Kessler. (Link shows flannel but I used quilting cotton). I got all the fabric at the Quilt Haus in New Braunfels, Texas.  The thread is a 30wt multicolor by Star in Aqua, I used a 14 needle, and the batting is Warm & Natural.

Never one to leave well enough alone with any recipe (or pattern), as I’m making this I decide that a zipper pocket in the lining would be cool and I had an orange zipper in my stash that screamed for the project. And then the bag can’t gape open so it needed a magnetic clasp. But other than those embellishments, it’s the same bag.

I had some extra kitties for the zipper pocket lining.  You never know where you’ll find kitties!

Oh and of course it needed a label to mark the occasion! I learned how from the Crafty Gemini.

The quilting kind of stumped me. The straight lines between the kitty squares was an easy decision but I was afraid anything else would cover the kitties. I used a Frixon marker to draw what I thought I wanted a couple of times but nothing grabbed me. I love those markers because if you don’t like it, iron over them and they disappear and you can start all over. So during an iced tea break (sometimes you just have to step away from the project for inspiration to grab you), I got the idea to quilt the outline of a cat’s head. I found an image online that I thought would work, copied it into Word, sized it down to scale, printed and then cut it out to make a paper pattern. I changed the shape of the head a bit to look like the shape of the cat heads in the fabric. I used the Frixon marker to draw an outline around the pattern, liked the look, and quilted it in no time.

I’m pretty happy with the result and I hope she is too!  Happy Birthday Mom xxxoooxxx


2 thoughts on “Cool Cats Bag

  1. Being a cat lover myself, I just love your bag! I really smiled when I saw what was inside of your zipper pocket lining. What a great place to find kitties! I’ve already added Teresa’s bag to my To Do List, so I think I might just make your modifications as well! Thanks for sharing!

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